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The World’s 1st Multi Regulated assets FinTech fostering real-time global prolific usability

SRIVERSE solves the problem by innovating multi-asset SRI TOKEN as valid universal medium for legitimate global exchange of fiscal value

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A Blockchain Without Boundaries

Targeting the usability and stability of digital assets, SRIVERSE is entirely a blockchain-based innovative economic system, focusing on utility of tangible cryptomonetary assets. SRIVERSE establishes a global network of affiliated brands, encompassing worldwide discounts, coin-based trading, e-commerce, mobile payments, crypto exchange, decentralized apps, awareness programs and commercial projects. SRIVERSE network, focusing on integration of the credible cryptomonetary assets fostering global prolific usability. SRIVERSE has heavily invested into innovative research in blockchain technology and has developed their foundations on Federated Byzantine Agreements (FBA) based Blockchain. This foundation ensures complete security whilst providing fast, reliable and efficient mechanism for multidomain transactions. SRIVERSE proliferates assets-based investment programs to foster worldwide real-time usability with fool- proof security in the aftermath of crypto-catastrophes. SRIVERSE makes CRYPTO accessible, secure and usable. Global ecosystem of SRIVERSE projects are testimony to the vision.

SRIVERSE fosters enabling environment to flourish a cosmopolitan commercial network CCN where real-life usability of highly credible cryptomonetary assets is promoted through commercially viable projects, real world activities, and upscaling initiatives. SRIVERSE aims celestial growth in the legitimacy, credibility, and profitability of cryptomonetary assets, SRIVERSE offers tangible opportunities for the investors to invest securely in SRITOKENS and reap exuberant returns. SRIVERSE global prolific usability GPU strategy focuses on three key areas: saleability – scalability – usability in four principal active business verticals PABVs stated herein:

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SRIVERSE is all about community. DeFi has the ability to enhance user’s trust leading to mass scale cryptomonetary adoption and global prolific usability. SRIVERSE network structure nurtures new membership and promotes an interdependent and integrated ecosystem of commercial activities. SRI Token is created on a decentralized blockchain that enables secure and transparent transactions of fiscal value. It operates on a peer-to-peer network, eliminating the need for intermediaries. With SRI Token, users can engage in activities like trading, staking, and accessing decentralized applications.

INFLUENCER MARKETING, as increasingly practiced in a commercial context, comprises four main activities: 1.Identifying influencers, and ranking them in order of importance 2.Marketing to influencers, to increase awareness on crypto enabled gaming 3.Marketing through influencers to increase market awareness 4.Marketing with influencers, turning influencers into advocates of SRI Token


Empowering Global Usability

We at SRIVERSE strive to achieve our long-term vision by virtue of celestial community development initiatives and the key objectives of the SRI Token emphasize our focus on enhancing interoperability, scalability, stability, security, regulatory compliance, and decentralized community based strategic governance. These objectives lay stronger and deeper foundations for the unique value proposition and enormous benefits that the SRI Token aspires to deliver to the global crypto community thru our #global prolific usability Investment Strategy Commercially viable investment policy of SRIVERSE can only be achieved through balanced portfolio and diversification both in terms of jurisdictions and asset classes.

SRIVERSE investments are characterized by our galactic interstellar approach as we keep revisiting the configuration of our investment strategy perpetually: Multiple Asset Classes – not putting all our eggs in one basket Various Locations and Jurisdictions – truly multiregulated operations with 100% secure LEGAL cover Research oriented Futurism – diving into the future to monetize the future Pragmatic Risk Exposure – cryptobots for data analytical intelligent risk management Flexible Exit Opportunities – buying nodes, trading crypto and smoothly exiting was never that easy Algorithmic Excellence – artificial intelligence for hypervigilant risk aversion in crypto assets Incentivized Diversification – multijurisdictional diversification and multiple projects across the globe

Crypto-generic problems surrounding reputation and financial processes can be resolved by the implementation of peer to peer network DeFi transactions blended in such a way that merchants and users are assured that their products and services are compensated fairly. SRIVERSE provides truly immersive financial network that is transparent to everyone. It enables new businesses to join the ecosystem, access global discounts and extend affiliates program across the world. SRIVERSE ensures that transactions are recorded accurately without being susceptible to error or manipulation SRIVERSE is establishing world’s first state-of-the-art Cryptomonetary Asset Management platform

Burning Program

Fostering Sustainability and Value Appreciation

SRI Token Burning Mechanism: In line with our commitment to enhancing the value proposition of the SRI Token and fostering a sustainable ecosystem, we are implementing a token burning mechanism. The SRI Token will be systematically burned through the following utility application conversions with STABLE TOKEN, our digital currency within the SRICHAIN ecosystem.

1. SRI HypMart Conversion: Every conversion transaction conducted on the SRI HypMart platform utilizing SRI Tokens for STABLE TOKEN conversion will trigger a proportional burning of SRI Tokens. This mechanism ensures a continuous reduction in the token supply, enhancing scarcity and potentially increasing the value of remaining tokens.

2. ClubCircle Game Application Conversion: Within the ClubCircle game application, users can convert SRI Tokens to STABLE TOKEN for in-game purchases. Each conversion executed within the application will result in the burning of a predetermined percentage of SRI Tokens, aligning with our commitment to reducing token supply over time.

3. SRI Tradex and TradeCircle Conversions: Similarly, conversions conducted on SRI Tradex and on TradeCircle platforms, facilitating the trading of SRI Tokens for various assets like Forex Trading and skill competition games, it will trigger token burning mechanisms. This approach ensures that every utility-driven transaction within the SRICHAIN ecosystem contributes to the reduction of the SRI Token supply.

By integrating token burning mechanisms across our utility applications, we aim to create a deflationary model that enhances scarcity and potential value appreciation for SRI Token holders. This initiative underscores our dedication to building a robust and sustainable ecosystem that benefits our community of users and stakeholders alike.

Our Platforms
  • SRI Campus
  • Club Circle
  • SRI Hypmart
  • SRI Scan
  • SRI TradeX
  • SRIX
  • Trade Circle
why Choose us

Because We Have Our Ecosystem


You can create your own DAO based webstore, source your merchandise, knit your community, develop your niche, introduce your loyalty programs and branded VISA cards for your customers


Cryptodynamic gaming is ultimate in the cyber gaming industry. SRIVERSE has invented immersive METAVERSE gaming experience that is high adrenaline exciting


Development & Commercialization of Cognitive Reasoning Robots that can perform complex tasks with minimal supervision.


The SRI Token swapping future program introduces an exciting feature known as the exchange.sriswap.com This portal allows users to seamlessly swap SRI Tokens with other cryptocurrencies or tokens.


The SRI Token trading program on Coinstore leverages the Polygon Network, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. On the Polygon Network, users can experience faster transaction speeds and lower fee

  • Team &Advisory: 5%
  • Community & Ecosystem: 60%
  • Marketing & Development: 10%
  • DAO & Treasuray: 25%

Symbol: SRI

Deployed on: Polygon
Total Supply: 100,000,000.00

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60% of 100 Million SRI TOKENS will be distributed to participants contributing to SRI ecosystem.

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Powered by SRIVERSE NEO-BANKING where the Pocket Power Portability is decentralized by DeFi to benefit mass-scale usability.

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Our Roadmap

SRIVERSE Strategy and
Project Plan

Stage 1, 2022


Evolving concepts Informed by thorough market research, Drive strategic planning for the year ahead.
Stage 2, 2023 Q-1

Establishing Foundations

Focuses on forming our core foundation. We refine our vision, devise a robust Business Plan, and assemble a skilled team to drive our objectives forward.
Stage 3, 2023 Q-2

Token Integration

We integrate SRI Token through Dubai Legal Incorporation, deploying Smart Contracts on Polygon.
Stage 4, 2023 Q-3

Market Entry Preparation

Introduces our White Paper, Beta 1.0 Web & App, and initiates Node Private Sale. It concludes with our exchange listing and the first SRI trading event.
Stage 5, 2023 Q-4

Market Expansion

Launches trading on Coinstore Exchange, introduces SRI Swap and SRI Pay Crypto Wallet, and hosts the 2nd SRI Expo Event in Dubai.
Stage 6, 2024 Q1-Q2

Global Expansion

Listing in top cryptocurrency exchanges, pairing contracts, launching SRI SHOP, SRI TRADEX, and SRI CHAIN.
Stage 7, Reveal Soon

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